Twitter Engagement Techniques

Ideas for engaging twitter:

  1. Post on weekends. People are 17% more likely to be on and responding to things on weekends.
  2. Tweet with image links and get double the engagement. People like pictures and videos, use that.
  3. Ask a question. Do this with relevant tags, key phrases, or hashtags and it’s even better.
  4. Join Twitter chats. Twitter chats are when a whole bunch of people tweet a conversation regarding one topic (usually with a special event hashtag). This works best when replying directly or retweeting or quote tweeting.
  5. Respond to everyone. If anyone so much as blinks at you, make sure they know you saw it!
  6. Pick a community. Don’t try to tweet to sport fans, and politics people, and those interested in the post-modern impressionist French Art movement. It won’t work.
  7. Ask for retweets. When specifically asked to retweet (with whole word spelling) the retweet rate is 23x higher.
  8. Link to stuff. People like links and clicking through. It makes them feel cool. 92% of engagement is with link tweets.
  9. Tweet while people are at work. People like to procrastinate and such. Give them something to look at while on their lunch break, or a mental-break from work.
  10. Shorter the better. 

A9 Chapter 4 Two by Two

Two connections:

1. This made me think of the struggle I had when I joined twitter. I didn’t understand it from a microblogging view. It took a lot of blumbering around to figure out.

2. My other connection is I have a work Twitter account where I’m supposed to tweet out articles I wrote. It works best when articles and tweets correlate to breaking news.

Two questions:

1. Is there something beyond hashtags that Twitter could roll out to help categorizing?

2. Is there a formula to when to tweet?

Facebook Minor Project

I am working with Restoration Haven for this project. There website can be found HERE and their Facebook page can be found HERE (like it!).

10 General ways to increase engagement on Facebook:

  1. Ask questions. 
  2. Engage with content. For example, posting polls or sharing content.
  3. Keep it short. Do not post long narratives.
  4. Be yourself. Keep the voice on the page consistent with attitude and focus/culture of company.
  5. Pay attention to metrics. This is the advantage to having a Facebook page instead of a profile for your company.
  6. Special giveaways. Do giveaways or raffles or discounts to attract people to the page.
  7. Behind the scenes. Clue people in to the work that goes on with volunteers.
  8. Post inspirational (relevant) quotes. People love quotes. Use that.
  9. Connect other social media to facebook (youtube channels, twitter, blogs, etc).
  10. Let audience caption the photo. 

5 things that worked for engagement on similar Facebooks

  1. Avance Waco does a good job of posting consistent pictures of individuals they are working with.
  2. Katy Christian Ministries links back to their own website with more information on events they host.
  3. Mission Waco links to partners that helped with events and also links to articles written about themselves.
  4. Talitha Koum answers questions when people post on their page.
  5. Talitha Koum (link in number 4) also likes the pages of other groups they’ve worked with or that are similar.

5 things that DIDN’T work for engagement on similar Facebooks

  1. Avance Waco posts both in Spanish and English. However, while this is great for their target community, anyone on the outside who doesn’t know Spanish cannot read certain posts.
  2. Caritas (the Waco page) has no content despite the page having been active for a long stretch of time.
  3. Caritas (link in number 2) also runs their page as a profile instead of a page to be liked.
  4. God’s Food Pantry posts too many words.
  5. Act Locally Waco posts too much in one day.

10 post ideas for client’s Facebook page

  1. Introduce Staff
  2. Post about upcoming events
  3. Post about needs (monetary, physical donations, time, etc) in regards to upcoming events
  4. When a donor helps out tag them in a post or share a link/post from their page. This is promoting a good symbiotic relationship.
  5. Tell individual success stories as they happen
  6. Include a direct link to donating like on the website.
  7. Introduce the community of the Estella Maxey housing complex to the rest of Waco.
  8. Include pictures or thank-yous to volunteers. This also orients people with what they could do!
  9. Post about news that has an impact on your community (ie laws, or city ordinances, etc).
  10. Have a donor donate something you can raffle off as a fundraiser. Post about it.

Other Ideas in relation to their page:

  1. Put the actual logo as the picture (or even Shirley Langston with the logo outside of the building) — The paper print out picture does not look good.
  2. Add a description under the about section.
  3. Post consistently
  4. Add the mural from the inside of the building as the background picture on Facebook
  5. Include contact information
  6. Take family off, this is not a personal Facebook
  7. Consider making it a page instead of a profile. That way you can track viewing metrics and such.