Twitter Engagement Techniques

Ideas for engaging twitter:

  1. Post on weekends. People are 17% more likely to be on and responding to things on weekends.
  2. Tweet with image links and get double the engagement. People like pictures and videos, use that.
  3. Ask a question. Do this with relevant tags, key phrases, or hashtags and it’s even better.
  4. Join Twitter chats. Twitter chats are when a whole bunch of people tweet a conversation regarding one topic (usually with a special event hashtag). This works best when replying directly or retweeting or quote tweeting.
  5. Respond to everyone. If anyone so much as blinks at you, make sure they know you saw it!
  6. Pick a community. Don’t try to tweet to sport fans, and politics people, and those interested in the post-modern impressionist French Art movement. It won’t work.
  7. Ask for retweets. When specifically asked to retweet (with whole word spelling) the retweet rate is 23x higher.
  8. Link to stuff. People like links and clicking through. It makes them feel cool. 92% of engagement is with link tweets.
  9. Tweet while people are at work. People like to procrastinate and such. Give them something to look at while on their lunch break, or a mental-break from work.
  10. Shorter the better. 

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